Director Desk:
Every individual has a certain potential, a definite career goal and a vision. At Royal Global English School we create the success story tapping the child’s inherent strengths, ironing out his weaknesses arming him with outstanding intellectual skills and placing him in a world of opportunity.

All activities at RGES are oriented towards creating opportunities for students to discover, explore and learn not just within the confines of their curriculum but extending outside the boundaries of the classroom and academics. Each & every student are encouraged to expand their horizons, enrich their thinking and grow outward.

We at RGES Family, the faculty is like a team of professional sculptors who have absolute confidence in their hammer and chisel of knowledge to shape the future of a raw young mind to a significantly higher value compared to others. They go out of the way to mould students to a high degree of exceptional competence and groom them as better human beings.
As parents your words of encouragement to our staff and our students will go a long way in a process that requires a positive contribution by every member of the team. Thank you for your valuable support and interest in our institution of learning. Please feel free to contact us with questions or concern regarding the educational needs of your child. Your ideas and cooperation are important and critical to our success.

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